Ok, I have to admit something: I'm really addicted to Instagram. It's just amazing how you can make your picture a thousand times more cooler just by putting an effect on it (<3 mayfair, valencia, lo-fi). Instagram for me, is an app where I can put my pictures on, but for a smaller amount of people, because they're quite personal. On Facebook you have all your friends, but also a lot of people where you don't want to share this kind of material with. And that's why I love Instagram so much! Are you guys also 'instaddicted'? 

Here you can find a compilation of some of my pic's: from food and fashion, to precious moments, over friends and family... Enjoy! 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Zalige foto's! Nu zie ik die ook eens, aangezien ik geen instagram heb :p

    1. inderdaad!! echt een schande dat je dat niet kan hebben!!