Savage Beauty - Exhibition Alexander McQueen London

A couple of weeks ago I went to London just for one day. Main goal: seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibition. This visit was standing very high on my to do list for quite a while and the clock was ticking fast and loud as the first and largest retrospective in Europe of McQueen's work was almost over... So during the exams I decided to book a train ticket to pay the Victoria and Albert Museum a visit and - lucky me - a shopping day during sales in my favorite fashion city was attached! ;)

Although I'm not really a fan of McQueen's creations, he was a truly remarkable person in the fashion world and the creator of some iconic pieces that will be remembered forever (think of the skull-print scarfs that have nestled around the necks of several celebrities during the past few years or the armadillo shoes that  became really famous because of Lady Gaga wearing them in her video Bad Romance). For me this exhibition was a wonderful homage for McQueen, who tragically died in 2010. It perfectly represents the evolutions that his collections made and the way in which his creative thinking changed over the years. 

But the passing away of McQueen didn't mean the end of the brand. Until today the brand Alexander McQueen still exists, having Sarah Burton as the creative director. I'm a really big fan of her designs (think of the beautiful wedding dress she made for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton) and personally I think she makes the new 'Alexander McQueen creations' more accessible and wearable.  

During the exhibition, it was strictly forbidden to take pictures but I just couldn't leave without having a memory of this stunning exposition. I - very sneaky - tried my best to capture some moments for you guys: ENJOY! And if you want to visit the museum yourself, hurry up, because it ends in 2 days… 

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