Stan Smith: edition 'ribbed'

The iconic Stan Smith sneakers are having one of the biggest fashion revivals... you just see them everywhere! I hope that you guys, as co-fashion lovers, already know the real origin of this shoe? If not, please do read further… 

Stanley Roger "Stan" Smith was a famous American tennis player during the late sixties and seventies. Because of his big success, Adidas approached him in 1971 to ask permission for naming a shoe after him. The shoe changed from being solely used in tennis in the beginning to a real fashion item nowadays. Fun fact: it is said that this contract between Smith and Adidas is one of the most influential sneaker sponsorships in sports history. 

What is very remarkable about this sneaker, is that - unlike most of the other Adidas sneakers - it doesn't have the typical 3 stripes on the side. Instead of that, there are three rows of external perforations

When the Stan Smith hype started in 2014 with the re-launching of the sneaker - they were taken out of production in 2012 but returned in 2014 with an option to customize your own pair by adding your name or all kinds of colors - I wasn't really sure if I wanted to join or not… At a certain point everybody was wearing them, even the people who normally never wear sneakers! But actually I must admit I've always liked the design: it is very simple and you could say that the Adidas branding on the shoe itself is quite minimal. During my time in London a few weeks ago (see my earlier post), I spotted these beauties in the official Adidas shop and was finally convinced to join the hype: the ribbed fabric distinguishes this pair from the typical one and just adds something extra

What do you guys think of the Stan Smith sneakers? Are you a fan or not?

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