Jeans on jeans on jeans (part 2)

Jeans must be one of my favorite fabrics. I can't remember the time where I just didn't have a pair of jeans. It just fits with everything and that must be the main reason why I love it so much. Making an outfit mostly starts with taking a pair of jeans, and from there I go on with creating my #ootd. This same pattern was also what happened this day, where I eventually ended up wearing jeans on jeans. For some people this is just not done, but you guys already now that I'm a fan of this combo. This jeans jacket is one of my best buys of winter 2014-2015. Especially the sheep details make this - can I say - tough looking outfit less harsh. 

Outfit: jeans jacket Topshop - jeans Zara - shoes Topshop - shirt Zara - necklace Anne Zellien - glasses Chanel

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