Weekend Knack Fashion Awards #10years

Hurray! Yesterday the Weekend Knack Fashion Awards celebrated its 10th anniversary. Time for another concept, different from the past nine years. All fashion related people were expected at the Wild Gallery in Brussels for a runway-show. Eight candidates, educated by the best fashion schools from over the whole wide world, got the chance to show their creations to the crowd and especially to the jury, composed by Edouard Vermeulen and others.
The show was absolutely marvelous and so inspiring! I was really impressed by all the participants, but personally the creations of Emannuelle Lebas made my heart beat the fastest. And it also seemed to be that she conquered the jury as well, as she won the competition and went home with the 10 000 €. 

Emmanuelle Lebas, student at La Cambre, did her internship at Cathy Pill and Cheap Monday, and already won the Codefrisko/PURE price last year for her collection "If you bring the water, I'll bring the matches". As we asked her where she got her inspiration from for this collection, she answered that it's a combination of Serena Williams' garderobe and some Greek and Roman sculptures. You will totally understand what she's saying, when you look at the two first pictures beneath: long dresses with a sporty touch. 

After the show, there was an open bar: delicious cocktails all over the dancing floor! Also the perfect time to mingle and meet a lot of people that are now hot and happening in the fashion scene. I'm over the moon with the picture of Jean-Paul Lespagnard and me!!! Enjoy the pic's! 

Special thanks to Marie, Céline and Cara for making this event so much more! What's more fun then criticizing fashion over some drinks with friends? ;) 

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