Belmodo X Tiffany & Co.

Haay co-fashiongeeks! Friday morning, I had the opportunity to experience a breakfast @ Tiffany's. Really, I'm not joking, it was literally having breakfast at the beautiful iconic jewelry shop Tiffany & Co. in Brussels. I was able to take one buddy with me, so Julie from julievscamera was my fashionpartner in crime that morning!

When I go shopping in our capital, I always stop at the corner of the Louizalaan/Waterloolaan for some window-shopping, dreaming that maybe one day I will be wearing one of their big Tiffany-stones around my ring finger... So yesterday, it was the first time that I entered this 'holy blingy temple'. When in New York, I already payed Tiffany & Co. a visit, but in Brussels I've never had the courage to go inside. Extremely stupid I stated afterwards, as the staff is ├╝berfriendly and stand-by at all time!

Our little visit had everything to do with the Atlas Collection. Tiffany collaborated with Belmodo for a presentation of all the jewels from this collection, where afterwards, Tiany Kiriloff helped choosing your personal favorites and gave you the opportunity to try them on. Tiffany & Co. organizes this presentation around the world using famous bloggers as the faces of the events (for example, in Milan, Chiara Ferragni from the  Blonde Salad was the hostess). It was quite obvious that Tiffany went on board with Tiany, being one of Belgiums best-known fashion icons.  
The Atlas Collection was created by John Loring, Tiffany design director emeritus, in 1995. The company has the tradition of introducing designs that capture the mood of contemporary fashion and define American luxury.  This Atlas collection is definitely such an innovation, and got his name from the mythic Greek god who holds aloft an enormous globe. Typical for this collection is that it explores the raised Roman numerals of its archetype, the Atlas watch. In every piece, these Roman numerals return and that's why this collection has such a staying power and becomes a true statement of fashion. I'm definitely a fan, considering to buy one of the bracelets... 

This event was really inspiring for me, because I got the chance to discover all the different styles that Tiffany & Co. uses in their lines. It's really a myth that Tiffany & Co. is only a brand for the rich and famous. As a matter of fact, it's really accessible because they go from classic to high fashion, from pricy to affordable... Everybody can find something that fits them perfectly! 

Conclusion: Belmodo did it again! Getting styling advise by Tiany while drinking champagne and eating croissants -> the perfect way to start your day! Enjoy the pics!

Outfit: blouse Zara - sweater H&M - pants Zara - boots Zara - trench Tommy Hilfiger - handbag Essentiel - necklace Hugo Boss - watch Rodania

Pictures: julievscamera.wordpress.com (adapted by me)

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