Kenzo World and its ridiculously good short film

During the latest holiday season, again a lot of perfume ads popped up on the television screen. I think I can speak for most of when I say that those ads look nice, yet they have this pretentious vibe over them. When thinking of perfume campaigns, we think about a pretty girl with a bottle. This is clearly something that Kenzo wanted to avoid with its new fragrance, Kenzo World

The brand created a short film called 'My Mutant Brain'(click here). It is directed by Spike Jonze and consists of four minutes of expressionist - really expressionist - dancing by Margaret Qualley. Everything about the movie is just right: the music that is super catchy and stays in your head, the wonderful venue where the clip was shot, the gorgeous emerald-green evening gown Qualley is wearing... YES YES YES! 

The short film perfectly images the Kenzo girl, who likes movement and speed and the way things shift, slide and collide in real time. She is never blasé and enthusiastic at all times. She stands out from the crowd. 

Although the clip has been released a while ago, I made a post of it today as the Kenzo World perfume was lying under the Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago... 

P.S. 1 - After watching the clip yourself, you will not be surprised that Ryan Huffington, responsible for the 'Chandelier' music video for Sia, is the choreographer. 

P.S. 2 - Something very crazy yet breathtaking is the fact that during the movie you NEVER see a camera in the mirrors (mind blown!)

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